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Arthroscopy, Tenoscopy, Soft Tissue, Laser, Oral

Visualize • Repair • Recover



Circle Oak offers a wide variety of elective surgical services, with skilled staff to oversee pre-op, surgery and post-op.


Orthopedic Repair

  • Bone Chip Removal

  • OCD Lesions

  • Arthrodesis


Arthroscopy, Tenoscopy, Bursoscopy

These surgeries are minimally invasive, which means minimal healing time.  In all cases, time to return to work it determined by the type and severity of the lesion(s).


Soft Tissue

Our soft tissue surgical services include, but are not limited to:

  • Mass Removal

  • Wound Care

  • Upper Airway

  • Castration

  • Foreign body removal


Oral Surgery

  • Tooth Repair or Extraction

  • Sinus - certain conditions affecting the sinus can be addressed

  • Mandible - various conditions affecting the mandible can be addressed

Laser Surgery

  • Mass removal or reduction

  • Arthrodesis (surgical fusion)