Carrie Schlachter, VMD - Medical Director

Dr. Schlachter's practice focuses solely on sports medicine, with special emphasis on digital diagnostics and rehabilitation.  She oversees all rehabilitation and fitness programs at Circle Oak, working directly with either horse owners or their veterinarians. Our Rehabilitation Manager, Kari Farley, reports to her and oversees and administers treatments under her direction. Dr. Schlachter is responsible for the design of our rehabilitation and fitness programs and ensures that all programs have objective, measurable goals and means of monitoring progress. She is available for consultation by referring veterinarians to whatever degree they wish.

Dr. Schlachter grew up riding horses in the competitive ‘A’ circuit on the East coast and has almost 35 years of experience with horses as a rider, veterinarian and owner. Educated at the University of Pennsylvania’s Veterinary School and New Bolton Center, she received the Charles F. Reid Clinical Excellence Award for Sports Medicine and Imaging as well as numerous scholarships.  She participates in multiple advanced imaging and rehabilitation educational workshops every year and received her board certification in equine sports medicine and rehabilitation through the ACVSMR in early 2016.  Dr. Schlachter teaches courses for veterinarians and equine professionals on various sports medicine subjects such as lameness, rehabilitation and ultrasound techniques both at Circle Oak and worldwide. 

For many years in general practice Dr. Schlachter nurtured her interest in sports medicine, particularly in diagnostic ultrasound.  It was that interest that brought her to Dr. Snyder's attention.  When he invited her to be the diagnostic imaging consultant at the Pan Am Games in 2011 they first realized they shared a common vision of equine athlete well-being and top-notch customer care.  

To consult with Dr. Schlachter or make an appointment, email or call at 707-738-2529.