Equine Experience, Expertise and Compassion

Owners Ron and Sara Malone live and raise their own horses at Circle Oak and oversee the management of the facility. They have partnered with a top notch team of veterinarians, all of whom specialize in an area of equine sports medicine.

Led by Medical Director, Carrie Schlachter, VMD, IVCA, the staff has extensive experience in a wide array of equine health practices.  A team of veterinary assistants performs the rehabilitation treatments and fitness programs under Dr. Schlachter’s direction and that of our manager, Kari Farley, RVT. As a licensed veterinary facility, Circle Oak operates in a hospital format, with procedures and protocols designed to ensure that all horses receive exceptional professional care.  In addition, all horses receive individualized, loving attention and you are welcome to involve any healthcare practitioners that are involved with your horse and know its history, such as your veterinarian, farrier, physical therapist, etc.  


Circle Oak Equine Staff

Ron Malone – Owner. 35 years experience owning, showing and caring for horses. Current competitor in cutting horse shows.

Sara Malone – Owner, Business manager. BA, Biological Science, MBA.

Carrie Schlachter, VMD - Medical Director and staff veterinarian.  VMD, University of Pennsylvania, New Bolton School.  BS, Animal Science.  Certified in Veterinary Acupuncture.  Over 30 years experience riding, owning and caring for horses. 

Kari Farley, RVT  - Manager and Senior Veterinary Technician. BS, Biological Science, Sonoma State University. SRJC Program in Veterinary Technician Certification. Over 15 years owning and caring for horses.  Four years experience in large and small animal veterinary practices prior to joining Circle Oak.

Courtney Sullivan - Veterinary Assistant.  Over 10 years experience showing (almost every discipline, primarily dressage with warmbloods) and caring for horses. SRJC Veterinary Technician coursework.

Interns from Santa Rosa Junior College, University of California at Davis, California Polytechnic University at San Luis Obispo, Stanford University and many other academic institutions.