State of the art surgical suite

Dr. Jack Snyder brings over 35 years of surgical experience to our state of the art surgical suite.  The majority of his practice has focused on sport horses and he has held roles at the highest levels of international competition, including roles as distinguished as the official on-site surgeon for the Olympic Games on five separate occasions. We have an experienced board certified anesthesiologist (Lori Bidwell, DVM, DACVAA) who flies in for the surgery days.  

We are able to schedule just about any elective surgery at this time.  Please call 707-738-2529 to discuss getting on our schedule for the next surgery day. 

Example surgeries done at COE this year 

Standing castrations

Cryptorchid surgery

Mass removals (sarcoids, nerve sheath tumors, melanomas) 

Sequestrum removals 

Scar/Wound repair

Distal & Proximal check ligament desmotomy 

Fetlock, hock and stifle OCD surgery 

Stifle exploratory surgery

Pastern arthrodesis

Palmar digital neurectomy (nerving)

Skin graft

Abdominal Hernias

and many more!