Class IV Laser, FES & PEMF

Class IV Laser Therapy 

Our Pegasus Class IV Laser - offers a large benefit in a small portable package.  Laser therapy has been well researched and promotes healing through a large number of pathways.  Treatments often start with frequent short sessions then increase in time as they decrease in frequency.  

Laser has multiple properties that improve healing and decrease the production of scar tissue in skin and many soft tissue structures: 

  • anti-Inflammatory effect
  • analgesic effect  
  • improves vascular activity
  • improves nerve function
  • increases metabolic activity,
  • stimulates acupuncture points 
  • immunoregulation
  • faster wound healing 

We use our class IV laser on wounds, soft tissue injuries, skin infections, post surgical cases and to improve comfort in needle-shy horses.  

Functional Electric Stimulation (FES) Therapy

Healthy muscle function is basically a cyclic response with equal moments of contraction and relaxation. When a muscle is not functioning properly, one of these responses is typically absent or shortened. After an injury, muscle tissue will “splinter”. In this condition, the muscle fibers are held in a firm, contracted state to protect the muscle from being over used and causing further injury. This condition is the “knot” that is felt when an injured muscle is palpated. The goal of FES is to replicate the body’s own natural functions. FES will restart the cyclic activity of the contraction and relaxation phases to return the muscle to a more normal functioning pattern.

Several decades ago FES was first used in the rehabilitation of spinal cord injury patients to generate muscle movement to prevent atrophy. Today, FES has been shown to be effective for multiple purposes including the treatment of both spastic and flaccid muscle and to restore grasping and reaching functions. Studies in rats that evaluated the neuroplasticity of reinnervation has shown that FES can delay muscle atrophy by producing better nerve conduction and higher muscle weights and can restore muscle size, and functional and histochemical properties when compared to no stimulation. Additional human studies have shown the ability of FES to reverse muscle atrophy for denervated muscle tissue to obtain standing and walking in spinal cord injury patients. Other research on humans has shown that FES can prevent and even reverse atrophy of chronically denervated muscles when evaluated by muscle biopsies and knee extension torque.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy

The MagnaFix system helps to reduce joint pain in animals through the application of precisely controlled magnetic field pulses. The pulses stimulate musculoskeletal tissues (bone, tendon, ligament, muscle, and cartilage) to repair themselves without subjecting the tissues to the strain and damage of physical exercise. It is useful to stimulate healing in soft tissue injuries and relieve discomfort all over the body.