Advanced technological treatment options at COE!

Circle Oak Equine offers your horse the latest in treatment options.  We keep on the forefront of technological advancements and are always looking for the best treatment options for you and your horse.  

While simple rest can allow horses to heal incredibly well there are many situations when rest alone will not be the best treatment option for your horse.  The veterinarians at Circle Oak Equine are focused fully on diagnosing, treating and healing sports medicine injuries.   This allows them to put more time and energy into keeping up to date on the latest treatment options the industry has to offer.  

Treatment options at Circle Oak Equine include: 

  • Veterinary prescribed and RVT supervised rehabilitation programs 
  • Surgery - Joint, tendon, ligament, mass removal, enucleations, exploratories 
  • Regenerative Medicine - Stem cells, IRAP, PRP, Prostride (ACT protein & IRAP) 
  • Hydrotherapy - ECB Cold spa, Underwater treadmill 
  • Shockwave - Extracorporeal Shockwave Treatments
  • Chiropractic/Acupuncture 
  • FES - Functional Electric Stimulation 
  • Class IV Laser treatments