Lameness Exams and Performance Issues

Lameness in horses is a term used to refer to any number of conditions where the animal fails to travel in a regular and sound manner on all four feet.  It prevents the horse from moving in a natural and symmetrical fashion.  The cause of the lameness can arise from a variety of sources.  It can cause simple performance problems or be serious enough to prevent normal function.  Lameness can present in many ways ranging from a sudden change in the quality of movement to a gradual change in the ability to perform certain tasks.  The obvious lame horse is standing in the stall holding one leg up in the air.  The less obvious one might start pulling rails or no longer want to pick up the left lead.  The person best able to judge changes in a horse's motion, and suspect that there is a lameness issue, is the person who works most closely with each particular horse.   Sometimes this is the owner, sometimes the trainer or rider.  Circle Oak Equine offers comprehensive lameness exams and gait analyses using a combination of our doctors' years of equine lameness expertise and sophisticated technology that measures minute changes and irregularities in a horse's gait. 

Dr. Schlachter, Dr. Snyder and Dr. Lewis are available for lameness exams at Circle Oak Equine Clinic and in the surrounding areas.  

To consult with one of our veterinarians or to make an appointment, email or call 707-738-2529.