Digital Ultrasound & X-ray

Circle Oak Equine offers the latest technology in digital ultrasound & radiology


Diagnostic ultrasonography is primarily used in horses for evaluation of tendons and ligaments to identify, confirm, and monitor soft tissue injury. The basic objective of an ultrasonographic evaluation is to assess the morphological characteristics of the soft tissue and bony surfaces of each designated anatomical structure. The goal is to determine the size, shape, echogenicity (whiteness or brightness of a structure), fiber pattern, and surrounding inflammatory reaction of any structure. Using this information and the clinical exam findings, it is often possible to make an accurate diagnosis.


  • Diagnosis of soft tissue injuries including muscular, vascular, tendon, tendon sheaths, ligament, joint capsule or bursal injuries.
  • Assessment of fluid accumulation.
  • Evaluation of joint and bony surfaces.
  • Monitoring of the healing progress.
  • Monitoring of the effect of training on soft tissue structures, especially tendons and ligaments.

At Circle Oak Equine, high resolution musculoskeletal ultrasound is an important diagnostic tool, which the doctors use to characterize and assess injuries.  The practice has an extremely high-resolution ultrasound machine and multiple specialty probes that allow for specific areas to be evaluated, such as the bottom of the foot or the pelvis area. 


Circle Oak Equine has the only digital x-ray machine in the North Bay capable of imaging an average sized horse’s spine.  In addition to lower leg, stifle, shoulder, neck and skull radiographs we now offer back, lung and abdominal imaging.  We have a custom system that provides both mobility and the latest in digital quality images.  This cutting edge technology allows for a minimum of radiation exposure using battery driven generators and a large plate.  The latest software and flat panel detectors improves our reliability, durability and image quality even more.  All of our images our read by our board-certified radiologist Dr. Sarah Puchalski.  

Circle Oak Equine has both in-clinic and portable digital radiography units. Specific advantages of digital radiography for equine diagnostic imaging include:

  • More consistent image quality.
  • Reduced number of repeat exposures because brightness, contrast, magnification and edge enhancement are easily adjusted (less time per study = less sedation for horse).
  • Far greater ability to find small bone detail and soft tissue on one image.
  • Immediate emailing of images as .jpegs to referring veterinarians (allows for rapid second opinions and surgical consults).
  • Evaluation at horse shows or stables with trainers and owners using portable unit within seconds of injury.
  • Immediate results for time sensitive issues such as pre-purchase exams, whether in-clinic or in the field.
  • Radiographs can be burned to CD or thumb drive for little or no cost allowing owners or trainers to keep their radiographs with them at all times.

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