Retired Horse Care

For the performance horse that has earned a comfortable retirement, Circle Oak offers the finest in equine accommodations and care. Located in lovely Sonoma County, we are just over an hour from San Francisco Airport. Combining the professionalism of a veterinary hospital with the personalized attention of a top-notch spa, our commitment is to give your horse unparalleled care in his well deserved retirement.

Oversight by Veterinarian, Care by Veterinary Assistants
The staff of veterinary assistants that performs the treatments and therapies on our rehabilitation patients also attends to our retired guests, and our Medical Director is always available for consultation. All horses are examined daily, including a full body wellness check, grooming and feet cleaning. Horses are regularly bathed and handled to ensure that they do not develop problems or bad habits. Assistance to veterinarians and farriers is included in our board rates, as is blanketing and worming. We also design care, exercise and nutrition programs specifically for retired horses and provide for their comfort, focusing on any health issues that need special attention. You may use your own veterinarian and healthcare professionals or our team of staff and consultants. At Circle Oak your retired horse will join a first rate program designed for optimum comfort, health, safety and longevity.

Superior Equine Amenities
Our retired competitors, who come from all disciplines, live in large, deeply bedded stalls with individual ¼ or ½ acre paddocks specifically designed for the needs of the retired performance horse. The larger paddocks boast 16’ x 16’ stalls with 12’ x 44’ porches over sand footing. We also offer accommodations for pairs of horses that want to live together—each with a 12’ x 16’ bedded stall and a shared ½ acre paddock. For horses that prefer the companionship of small groups of compatible horses, we offer a large pasture with a roomy shelter. All accommodations allow ample freedom of movement and the opportunity for year-round grazing.  We pay particular care to pair compatible horses across fences or in small groups, ensuring that all horses live in harmony and stress-free environments.