Horse Fitness Programs

The better condition a horse is in, the less injury-prone it is likely to be, and the better it will perform in competition. However, getting your horse to peak competitive fitness – and maintaining it – is the challenge of top horsemen everywhere. Each outing carries with it the risk of injury or excessive wear on the horse’s joints, tendons, ligaments and muscles. Using multiple different fitness modalities Circle Oak Equine can help design a fitness program specific to your horse's needs and bring your horse to top competitive form as safely as possible maximizing both strength and stamina throughout the show season.

"We believe in keeping our competitors at peak fitness levels during the show season and Circle Oak's HydroHorse, complementary therapies and professional guidance are key to our success. We're proud that Circle Oak is part of the East-West team!"


Matt and Cecily Brown, East-West Training Stables

Crosstrain using water
Our HydroHorse™ underwater treadmill builds muscles and cardiovascular strength without excessive wear and tear. The horse exercises in a controlled environment in a straight line on a flat service, using its normal gait, with full range of motion and the same muscles that it uses on traditional surfaces. However, the buoyancy of the water allows the horse to exercise with up to 60% less impact and without undue stress or risk of trauma. Depending on your horse’s current condition and the timing of your show season, we will design a program using the underwater treadmill, the free-flow exerciser and other appropriate therapies, to optimize your horse’s existing training regimen. This article from the magazine Eventing Nation discusses the ways that this kind of hydrotherapy could revolutionize horse conditioning.

The Equiband from Equicore Concepts

The Equiband has been developed from a multidisciplinary approach of therapists, veterinarians, riders and trainers, by adapting and refining human sports medicine, physiotherapeutic, rehabilitation and performance enhancement principles to the horse. These principles revolve around a "motor control approach" which affects how a horse moves and thus performs.

A Stress-Free Vacation for Both You and Your Horse
Even performance horses in top condition benefit greatly, both physically and mentally, from our exercise regimens incorporating our HydroHorse™, the 70' free-flow exerciser and the ECB cold saltwater spa.  Horses return to training happier and in better condition than when they left.  Do you or your trainer want to leave for vacation? If so, and if you want to keep your horse in peak condition and provide him a mental vacation from the rigors of repetitive training, we will develop a program that serves the needs of both you and your horse. 


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Fitness Programs:

Individualized conditioning program designed in consultation with Circle Oak’s Medical Director and on-site veterinary, Dr. Carrie Schlachter
Execution of your horse’s conditioning program by experienced and professional staff, led by our Registered Veterinary Technician and supervised by Dr. Schlachter. Pricing dependent on each individual horse's program.

Initial wellness examination by Dr. Carrie Schlachter, if requested
Initial nutritional consultation from Platinum Performance, if requested
Leg wraps as prescribed
Regular bathing
Administration of routine medication, grain and supplements, 2X/day
Vet and farrier scheduling and assistance
Blanketing on/off daily
Deeply bedded 12 x 16 stall, with rubber mats
Feed high quality hay 2 or 3 times per day
Stalls cleaned 2x per day
Daily body check, grooming and picking of feet
Covered, 70 foot panel walker (with or without weight belt) up to 12 times per week
Turn out up to 6 times per week

*Hydrotherapy –Programs using hydrotherapy (HydroHorse and/or ECB cold saltwater spa)—or EquiVibe therapy at least 4 times per week will receive a 10% discount on the therapy sessions.

Additional services (added to base rate):

EquiVibe vibration plate therapy--$20 per session
Game Ready or whirlpool ice boot leg treatments (one leg $20, two legs $30 (per session)
Platinum Performance:
Wellness @ $1.25 per day
Complete Joint (CJ) @ $4.50 per day
Other Platinum products—as quoted
Grain or other supplements—as quoted or supplied by owner
Riding @ $40 per session
Veterinary treatments - billed by veterinarian
Emergency, intensive care, or after hours—as quoted