Vibration therapy

Vibeplate Therapy

Full body vibration therapy is an excellent modality for both conditioning and rehabilitation of the equine athlete.  A non-invasive, easy to administer process, vibration therapy is an enjoyable experience for horses, even those suffering from a most lameness causing afflictions.  The EquiVibe, an in-ground vibration platform,  can help horses peform better and rehabilitate faster. For horses in confinement, the EquiVibe provides muscle vibration and stimulation that partially compensates for lack of exercise.  Regular, 10-15 minute sessions:

  • Increase blood and lymph flow, which promotes healing through improved oxygenation of the tissue, removal of toxins and metabolic waste and enhancement of the body's own healing properties.
  •  Promote bone remodeling.
  •  Increase bone density and strength.
  •  Increase cartilage thickness.
  •  Improve and accelerate foot growth.
  • Stimulate and tone muscles.
  • Relax and build muscle. 
  • Increase energy, improve flexibility and calm nerves. 
  • Reduce muscle soreness and inflammation.

We use full body vibration therapy as a component of both our rehabiliation and fitness programs, and for some of our retired competitors.