Improve core strength to help prevent future injury.

Equiband & Core Exercises Therapy

The Equicore Equiband™ system is a completely unique design that promotes continuous core strength training in the lunged and ridden horse.  When prescribed by a veterinarian we can use this system on our free flow exerciser or undersaddle to help strengthen your horse's core. 

Core muscles mobilize and stabilize the horse’s back. Core strength helps to prevent the development of back pain and injuries. The Equiband™ system has been developed specifically to stimulate receptors in the horse’s skin and hair follicles. In response to this stimulation, the abdominal, sublumbar and deep neck and back muscles are activated. These muscles raise and round the back and engage the hindquarters. Regular use of the Equiband™ system strengthens this core musculature, making it easier for the horse to work in a round outline and reducing the risk of pain and injury due to hollowing or instability of the joints in the neck and the back. 

Using veterinary prescribed core exercises our trained veterinary assistants can help you achieve your horse's ideal core strength.