Our Expertise

"My 22 year old thoroughbred came to Circle Oak from UC Davis, in a nearly-full leg cast from a severe hock injury. She was carefully monitored, her wounds were expertly treated and her medications precisely administered . She thrived on the comfort, attention, grooming and nearness of other horses. The results of the HydroHorse were amazingly beneficial!" – Circle Oak Equine client

Horse Rehabilitation Programs

Our aim is to restore your horse to full health and fitness through rehabilitation, therapy and prescriptive exercise. We work with your referring veterinarian and other health care professionals to design and implement a rehab program specifically geared toward your horse’s situation. Our Medical Director, Dr. Carrie Schlachter, oversees all programs and leads our staff in a wide spectrum of rehabilitative horse care including hydrotherapy, nutrition and fitness.

We help you determine the goal of your horse’s rehab program, whether it be recovery from surgery, from a specific injury, to improve the overall health of your horse or to reduce layup time. Using a combination of therapies, such as the HydroHorse™ underwater treadmill, the ECB cold saltwater spa, chiropractic, acupuncture and microcurrent we will develop a program for your horse that we administer and monitor, adjusting as your horse’s response dictates.

Throughout, we stay in constant communication with all interested parties, such as the referring veterinarian, owner and trainer. Horses receive top-notch care, whether it be veterinary, therapy, grooming or feeding and we take both still and video photographs to chronicle progress and communicate with owners or caregivers who are unable to visit. All horses are discharged with complete medical, pharmaceutical and farrier records, allowing a seamless transfer of care. You may visit your horse and observe treatments or participate in therapies if you wish.

A partial list of therapies available:


Rehabilitation Services

For pricing call 707-738-2529

• Individualized rehabilitation program designed by your veterinarian and you, in consultation with Circle Oak’s Medical Director and on-site veterinarian, Dr. Carrie Schlachter. Or, at your option, designed by Dr. Schlachter in consultation with your veterinarian and you. Pricing dependent on each individual horse's program.
• Execution of your horse’s rehabilitation program by experienced and professional staff, led by our Registered Veterinary Technician and supervised by Dr. Schlachter.
• Initial wellness examination by Dr. Carrie Schlachter, if requested.
• Initial nutritional consultation from Platinum Performance, if requested.
• Leg wraps as prescribed.
• Regular bathing.
• Administration of routine medication, grain and supplements 2X/day.
• Vet and farrier scheduling and assistance.
• Blanketing on/off daily.
• Deeply bedded 12 x 16 stall, with rubber mats.
• Feed high quality hay 2 or 3 times per day.
• Stalls cleaned 2x per day.
• Daily body check, grooming and picking of feet.
• Covered, 70 foot panel walker 6x/week (with or without weight belt), or turn-out, or 10 minute hand-walk 2x/day, 6x/week, as applicable.

*Hydrotherapy –Programs using hydrotherapy (HydroHorse and/or ECB cold saltwater spa)—or EquiVibe therapy at least 4 times per week will receive a discount on the therapy sessions.

Additional services available, as quoted:

• EquiVibe vibration plate therapy
• Game Ready or whirlpool ice boot leg treatments 
• Veterinary treatments (billed by veterinarian)
• Extraordinary hand-walking 
• Pressure bandaging or major wound cleaning and bandaging
• Emergency, intensive care, or after hours
• Platinum Performance:
o Wellness 
o Complete Joint (CJ)
o Other Platinum products
• Grain or other supplements—as quoted or supplied by owner
• Rehabilitative riding 


Non-Resident/Haul-in Rates (limited availability)
• Hydrohorse 
• EquiSpa 
• Residency for 4 days of introductory training 


Effective March 1, 2015