Covered Arena

The 26,000 square foot covered arena provides an ideal setting for any groundwork that is part of a rehabilitation or fitness program. The sand base is watered and worked daily to provide a uniform, safe footing for horses being longued or hand-walked. The arena is also used for lameness and gait evaluations and wellness examinations.

The sky-lit arena is bright even without the electric lights and has solid walls to minimize distractions or surprises and provide a controlled environment. Both handler and horse can focus on the job at hand and not be bothered by people, equipment or horses nearby.

Circle Oak also utilizes the arena to hold educational events such as our annual Equine Health Fair, a free event for horse owners, trainers and equine health care professionals.  We have also hosted third party events focused on equine wellness and sports medicine, such as the 2012 International Symposium on Optimizing Your Horse's Straightness, Balance and Performance, led by Kerry Ridgway, DVM and Colonel Christian Carde, former Ecuyer-en-Chef of the Cadre Noir. This symposium had over 150 attendees from all over the US and Canada. 

The video below is from our 2012 Health Fair and features Equinology's 'Painted Horse':