All Weather Custom Six Horse 70' Free Flow Exerciser

Circle Oak Equine has a custom-designed Trojan free flow exerciser. We designed our version of this widely accepted exercise system with a larger, 70-foot diameter to allow more room for the horses and to accommodate large breeds easily. The large diameter also means that the horses move in a broad circle and allows them more direct forward motion, with less torque on joints. The compartments are roomy and divided by flexible panels that minimize risk of injury.

The sand and rubber footing is irrigated and worked regularly to provide an even, safe surface, which reduces stress on legs and joints. The exerciser is programmable and remote controlled. Installed next to the office and veterinary technician room, horses are under supervision while exercising, and it can be stopped immediately with a remote control if a horse is in distress or having a problem.

The cover allows use in inclement weather (and protects the footing) and sits high enough so that even large horses have plenty of room to exercise freely.