The Horse Course - a course about what a horse is and what he is not.

NEXT HORSE COURSE SCHEDULED FOR SPRING 2018 - check back for dates by the end of 2017 


This is a hands-on six week course on basic sport horse wellness and care.  Learn what you need to know about your horse to help you make informed decisions about his health everyday.  

  • Introduction – Physical Exam and Emergencies 
  • Injury Prevention – Including stretching, proper warm-up/cool down, conditioning and fitness 
  • Current Regenerative Medicine Therapies – When and why you would need to use it 
  • Upper Respiratory Diseases and Dentistry 
  • Performance Issues other than Lameness 
  • Holistic Medicine – how does it fit in with Western Medicine, types, benefits/risks

This is a series of six 3 hour classes over 6 weeks.  Space is limited to 24 people so there is plenty of hands-on time with the doctors.  The cost will be @ $200 dollars.

Reserve your spot in the next Horse Course (Spring 2016) by calling (707)738-2529 or emailing us here: