Educating young veterinarians, horse owners and other equine professionals amounts to a passion for Dr. Carrie Schlachter, Dr. Jack Snyder and Dr. Sarah Puchalski.  In addition to logging countless hours of continuing education, regularly attending conferences and lectures and encouraging the Circle Oak staff to do the same, Dr. Snyder, Dr. Schlachter and Dr. Puchalski lecture and teach veterinarians from around the world in sports medicine, rehabilitation and imaging topics.  Dr. Puchalski is a frequent lecturer for ISELP and presenter at the national equine meeting AAEP.  

By teaching young veterinary students and having regular educational activities at Circle Oak, The doctors pass on to others the latest thinking from the best equine veterinary specialists and practitioners around the world.  They also believe that education is the best way to help horse owners, trainers and other equine healthcare professionals provide their horses with top quality care. 

All doctors are available for lectures to horse owners and equine professionals alike.  Please email Dr. Schlachter at or call 707-738-2529 for more details. 

What’s New!

  • Sonoma Horse Park Shows start this week!

    Located in the heart of wine country, Sonoma Horse Park is a world-class horse show facility 25 miles north of San Francisco in Southern Sonoma County. Situated on the banks of the Petaluma River, the 85-acre facility boasts seventeen arenas and is the ideal showcase for equestrian sports. Sonoma Horse Park hosts seven show jumping competitions annually, each attracting top competitors from all over the Western United States, Canada and Mexico.

    Circle Oak Equine is proud to sponsor our Circle Oak Equine Jr/Am Hunter Derbys with Round 1 on Thursdays and Round 2 on Friday late afternoons during the show series as well as a Jr/Am Jumper Classic at the Season Finale.  

    The Circle Oak Equine veterinarians will be onsite for each day of the show with treatment and diagnostic options available - look for us around the show grounds or call 707-738-2529 and push #4 to get connected right to the veterinarian onsite. 

    Each Saturday evening there is a great Grand Prix jumping class which attracts people from all over the horse and non-horse world - come cheer the riders and horses on!! 

    We hope to see you there. 

  • 2015 Circle Oak Equine Health Fair Schedule is up!

    Please be aware that the times may change due to travel snafus etc!!  This is available in PDF format here.

  • Early diagnosis is key to proper treatment and rehabilitation.

    Early and correct diagnosis is key to proper treatment and rehabilitation. Our MRI machine has been busy - 20 scans in 6 weeks - talk to your vet if you have a horse with a lower leg injury to see if an MRI would help with the diagnosis and treatment protocol. Our onsite radiologist Dr. Sarah Puchalski would be happy to chat with them directly about it. The case below showed evidence of navicular trauma on X-rays but also show significant soft tissue injuries on MRI which changed the treatment protocol and prognosis significantly.

  • Read our latest newsletter - Surgical and Imaging Center Opens, Equine Health Fair returns Oct 31

  • Rehab Manager Kari Farley earns Certified Equine Rehabilitation Practitioner credential


    Kari Farley, Circle Oak Equine's rehabiliation and facilities manager, has earned a Certificate in Equine Rehabilitation, awarded by the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Science. The mission of the program is to promote the art and science of equine rehabilitation, to promote and support research that will advance the knowledge, skill and treatment of equine rehabilitation and to make the benefits of equine rehabilitation known to the veterinary-related professions. 

    One of Circle Oak Equine's founding beliefs is that professional rehabiliation produces superior, long-lasting results. Kari's commitment to her profession and her dedication to the horses under her care are a big part of why Circle Oak's rehabiliation programs are successful. We all congratuate her on her achievement and are proud to have her as a key member of our team! 

    Photo by Janice LeCocq Photography

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